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Unequal Tee


    Three ends connected to multilayer pipes, with one or two ends different in size from the other end(s), made of brass. Fit for water&gas.



    Spec.Mode No.DescriptionMATERIALColor
    Equal TeeMCT0205T16X20X161,Common   brass
    2,DZR brass
    1,Brass   color
    2,Nick plated
    MCT0206T 16X25(26)X16
    MCT0207T 20X16X16
    MCT0208T 20X20X16
    MCT0209T 20X16X20
    MCT0210T 20X25(26)X20
    MCT0211T 20X32X20
    MCT0212T 25(26)X16X16
    MCT0213T 25(26)X20X16
    MCT0214T 25(26)X25(26)X16
    MCT0215T 25(26)X16X20
    MCT0216T 25(26)X20X20
    MCT0217T 25(26)X25(26)X20
    MCT0218T 25(26)X16X25(26)
    MCT0219T 25(26)X20X25(26)
    MCT0220T 25(26)X32X25(26)
    MCT0221T 32X16X16
    MCT0222T 32X16X20
    MCT0223T 32X16X25(26)
    MCT0224T 32X16X32
    MCT0225T 32X20X16
    MCT0226T 32X20X20
    MCT0227T 32X20X25(26)
    MCT0228T 32X20X32
    MCT0229T 32X25(26)X16
    MCT0230T 32X25(26)X20
    MCT0231T 32X25(26)X25(26)
    MCT0232T 32X25(26)X32
    MCT0233T 32X32X16
    MCT0234T 32X32X20
    MCT0235T 32X32X25(26)