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Male Straight

    Made of brass. multilayer pipe on one end. With male-threaded adaptor for screw connections.Fit for pipe and fittings.


    Spec.Mode No.DescriptionMATERIALColor
    Male Straight UnionMCS0401S 16x1/2M1,Common brass
    2,DZR brass
    1,Brass color
    2,Nick plated
    MCS0402S 16X3/4M
    MCS0403S 20X1/2M
    MCS0404S 20X3/4M
    MCS0405S 20X1M
    MCS0406S 25(26)X1/2M
    MCS0407S 25(26)X3/4M
    MCS0408S 25(26)X1M
    MCS0409S 32X1/2M
    MCS0410S 32X3/4M
    MCS0411S 32X1M
    MCS0412S 32X11/4M